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Eco-Logical is your guide to environment and climate change in India and the world. It brings to you condensed, relevant, and up-to-date information on environment news in India and of international occurrences impacting India. 

Environmental news today is spread over a variety of media and brought by several points of view, which may be biased at times, making it difficult for us to follow. It may be difficult at times to understand our role in environmental issues and to know when and how to contribute to causes that we wish to support. This difficulty in accessibility and understanding often leads us to ignore such news despite knowing the consequences they have on our lives.

Eco-Logical aims to bridge awareness gaps without any extra effort by providing a platform for updates, ongoing events, opportunities and campaigns. It further has information regarding a variety of intersectional topics through an environment lens.

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What makes Eco-Logical unique?

Unlike your conventional news updates, the individuals that carefully curate information for Eco-Logical are youth environmentalists with new ideas ranging over a variety of topics that we examine through an environment lens. We promise unbiased information and updates. Further, Eco-Logical is formatted to be audience-interactive. Not only do our readers have the opportunity to contribute material, we use this platform to boost campaigns and initiatives working towards important causes to make it easy for our audience to engage and work towards important causes themselves.

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Anyone! This is an open mailing list for organisations, individuals, and any groups to access. 

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Who Manages Eco-Logical?

Our mailing list is brought to you by a group of young and passionate individuals from New Delhi, India who engage directly with environmental issues on a regional, national, and international level. Our aim is to make important information easily accessible to everyone as a step towards bringing about environmental justice. Through our efforts to engage directly with environmental issues along with our awareness initiatives, we wish to bring to the spotlight the urgency of climate change and the destruction it poses.

Any subscriber based anywhere in the world may also reach out to us if they wish to contribute their views or share updates by emailing us at .